roomours GmbH flipcharts

The Charter flipchart was the first product created in collaboration with roomours and Struppler Industriedesign. An essential tool for workshops and team meetings, providing an ideal basis for all kinds of communicative exchange. Clear in design, functional and already awarded for its outstanding design by the Design Center Baden-Württemberg and the German Design Council.

The combination of wood and metal integrates excellently into different room situations. Adapted to the charter, other flipcharts were subsequently created for the roomours collection. Among others, various flipcharts on wheels and also the foldable flipchart Foldable. Most recently, the series was expanded to include a digital flipchart, the Flipchart Flip It.

Our service for this project

  • Product design
  • Construction and elaboration
  • Implementation
  • Product portfolio anaylse


Fokus Open Silver 2014 for Flipchart Charter

Nomination for German Design Award 2016 for Flipchart Charter