Struppler Industriedesign covers a diverse range of services. With a multi-member team from product design, mechanical engineering and usability, which combines the latest technical knowledge and design expertise in a multidisciplinary manner.








A good strategy is based on comprehensive research and analysis. We look at products, markets and users – develop new ideas, find innovative ways and thus lay the foundation for a successful project.


Design as the key to success. We accompany you during the entire design process.
With all our passion and expertise.

Design concept

Design conception starts with the compilation of the goals for the company or the respective project. We help to draw the right strategies and measures from these findings, to create a plan and to implement it in a successful product design.

Product design

Giving serially manufactured products an appropriate and functional design – that is the basic task of product design. In the design process, we bring together the needs and wishes of our customers and those of the later users. This is how we create the basis for a successful product.

Industrial design

Whether consumer or capital goods, office, medical or sanitary products, large machines for manufacturing or small hand tools – industrial design deals with the design of industrially manufactured products. Just as we have been doing for many years at Struppler Industriedesign.

Machine design

Designing individual machines or entire production lines in a cost-optimized and production-oriented manner. The external design expresses the value and creates a clear recognition value. Other important criteria in machine design are operability and functionality, which we are aware of and also keep in mind.

Plant design

Industrial plants are a complex field that is strongly influenced by additional interfaces. A clear visual structuring and consistent design of the plant shows the identity of the company and creates a high recognition value. Even small adjustments can create a big impact in this field, as we know from experience.

Interface design

Interface design is the design of user interfaces between human and machine. For us, good interface design means structuring complex processes and functions in a comprehensible way and then designing them in such a way that the product is used intuitively and with pleasure by the respective target group. Because how well and gladly we use a product decides decisively on its success.

Material and surface

Materials and their properties are often the basis or an essential part of a design and give it its distinctive character. But the focus is not only on the functionality and aesthetics of the materials. Quality, locality and sustainability also play an important role in the choice of materials.

Model and prototype construction

Our own model workshop allows us to build first pre-models and also detailed prototypes to check the proportion, form or function of the product. In addition, we have a good network of external model builders, 3D printers, metal and wood processing companies, as well as other manufacturing companies with which we cooperate to achieve the optimum for our customers.

Animation and renderings

If the model construction illustrates proportions and shape, a rendering conveys the effect of material and color on the product. This is helpful for an initial pre-selection for the development team, but also serves for the internal representation of the product.

Design Engineering

We accompany you through to production and look after you through to series production. With our many years of experience and with the help of our network.

To our projects

How does an office chair create a sense of weightlessness? Which corporate design makes industrial circular saws unmistakable? How can a display be made user-friendly for young and old? From the details to the big picture – we always ask ourselves the right questions first. The following projects provide the answers.