prolux battery storage STORAC

Our latest project with the Swiss company Arbonia, whose brands include prolux, is the STORAC battery storage system. STORAC is the future-proof solution in the field of private energy storage and the first redox flow electricity storage for home. The electrolyte fluid used is based on the chemical element vanadium – a raw material that retains its value and is easily recyclable. In addition, vanadium as an electrolyte does not degrade, so the battery can be used heavily without the risk of having to be replaced after a few years.

The battery storage has a flat and calm surface, as well as a straight yet soft shape. As a result, it fits well with other products from the field of indoor climate. Modern and timeless in color in a noble dark gray, it fits well into any room. Eye-catching is the LED level indicator in the front of the storage tank.

Our services for this project

  • Product design
  • Product portfolio anaylse


iF Design Award 2023

RedDot Award 2023

Design Plus powered by ISH 2023