Altendorf Maschinenbau F45 sliding table saw

For the company Altendorf Maschinebau, we at Struppler Industriedesign developed a uniform product language as well as a corporate product design. We started with the F45 sliding table saw. As part of the project, we not only took care of the design of the sliding table saw, but also the user interfaces and the entire operation.

The protective hood of the F45 for the saw blade was also designed by us, taking into account the extraction capacity, and was designed in SolidWorks. A consistent color concept for the different machine types emphasizes the independence of each individual model. In the course of the project, other circular saws from Altendorf’s product portfolio were also designed.

“Industrial design gives a product its form-fitting and functional shape”

Our services for this project

  • Machine design
  • Construction of the protective hood
  • Design control panel
  • Overall color concept
  • Product portfolio anaylse



Nomination Designpreis BRD 2008