roomours GmbH Mobile boards

How are good ideas born? On a small but very personal level. In a natural setting that allows new things to happen, that arouses curiosity and creativity, that is both stable and flexible at the same time. With this conviction the story of roomours begins. From the beginning in 2012, we have supported the roomours brand with designs for the ever-growing collection. Since then, many products have been created in collaboration.

The mobile boards are just a few of them. The panels and boards in the different designs provide the framework for the development of creative concepts. Designed from different materials, but always with legs made of solid wood – mobile, stable and timeless. The whiteboard Write It on Tour, the chalkboard Chalk Talk, the glassboard Glassworks or the pinboard Pin Up on Tour, they all offer space for your ideas.

Our services for this project

  • Product design
  • Construction and elaboration
  • Implementation
  • Product portfolio anaylse


iF DESIGN AWARD  2017 for Pinboard Pin Up on Tour