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Schellmann Furniture

Schellmann Furniture comes from Edition Schellmann, which has been publishing art editions, photographic works, and installations since 1969. In this context, limited editions of artist’s furniture, such as objects by Joseph Beuys, Donald Judd, Gerhard Merz, Liam Gillick, and Rachel Whiteread, were created, starting in 2006. At the same time, Jörg Schellmann began producing his own designs as unique pieces. Since 2012, they have been processed for series production in cooperation with Struppler Industriedesign – a furniture collection with over 30 designs. The structure and systematic design of all the furniture has been optimized, taking into account the materials and various industrial manufacturing processes, allowing smooth series production and ensuring that the furniture can be completely disassembled. The 2013 collection premiered at the IMM Cologne.

Team members: Benjamin Baum, Petra Bole, Sebastian Frank, Peter Reinhold.

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