Material Lab

Haptics, functionality and aesthetics

Materials are often the foundation or integral part of a design or product development, giving it its distinctive character. But not only the functionality of the products is in the foreground. When choosing the materials, we attach great importance to quality, locality and sustainability.

The materials proposed and planned by us are adapted to the requirements of your project and offer the defined characteristics of aesthetics, functionality and strength. This ensures a long functional and visual life of the products. We take the necessary time for material research and have a large archive of various materials and samples. These were and are intensively examined by us and examined for their haptic, functional, technological and visual properties.

The development of new materials often extends the field of product development and enables new approaches in design and application. We have a great deal of know-how in this area and are always looking for new materials that we can use in current projects.

Use of new materials

For a luminaire development for Ingo Maurer, for example, we developed a new material which, thanks to its inherent rigidity, can be extended into a long rod and also rolled up again to save space.

Ingo Maurer

Development of two luminaires as small series for Ingo Maurer.

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