Design Engineering

From the first concept to the serial production

In addition to classic product design, we also offer qualified product development services. Design engineering is about making the design of a technical product ready for production. It includes the unit of design and construction for the exact preparation of all components and production groups as a 3D CAD model, as well as technical drawings and assembly instructions. Especially in the detailed design, it is essential that any production-related parameters are included. This allows standardized machines and units to be developed and produced. We guarantee user-friendly product quality by bringing in our holistic, manufacturing knowledge and always focus on cost-effective production and short development times. In addition to this, our capabilities in the areas of product, interface and industrial design are incorporated so that, in addition to the functional solutions, we can also meet aesthetic and user-oriented requirements.
Using integrated strategies and methods, we work together interdisciplinary with a network of long-term partners and experts in the field of production and development, thus acting as an interface between customer and modeler, enabling us to intervene quickly and minimize development risks.
Design engineering requires a lot of perseverance; individual elements must end up as a whole, which requires a sense of productivity and vision. With this awareness we embark on the design and planning of product development services.

Our CAD programs

Pro Engineer Creo

Autodesk Fusion 360

Desault Systems Solidworks

Our services

The implementation of the designs into producible products suitable for series production is often an essential part of our range of services

Design of detailed solutions

Within the scope of product development, we repeatedly take on the development and design of complete systems or assemblies for various clients. For Altendorf Maschinenbau GmbH in Minden, for example, we designed the entire protective hood as well as the entire product design. For the company Haworth we designed a complex table system or for Schellmann Furniture we developed a series of products in CAD and model and brought them to production readiness. This was done in various CAD systems such as Creo or Solidworks, including the derivation of all technical drawings with tolerance dimensions and material specifications.


Design of a flexible table system for international demands and the support of technical implementation.

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Development of the Mitos programme with different sized office and visitor chairs. Heart: The transmotion mechanic.

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Schellmann Furniture

Development of a serial production of more than 30 purist furniture designs.

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